It is helpful having a good heater in this weather

I will admit I wasn’t too pleased when my husband uprooted my whole family to move to Glenview Illinois of all places.

It was required of him for work.

He got a job in Chicago but we couldn’t afford to live there. It is a quick 30 minute drive for him and we get the benefits of living in the country. I love our new home. It is big with lots of property. The school system is safe for my kids and is rated well. I have access to good groceries, a nice bank and all sorts of great restaurants. I really just don’t like the weather. It is difficult getting used to cold weather. I lived in Texas my whole life. Now being in an area that gets severe cold and snow, it is tough. I had to buy thicker clothing and I basically wore it all year. Suddenly, a heating system became the utmost priority. I had never even owned a heater before. Then I started trying to find the best one. Our house came with a central heating plan that used ductwork to warm the whole house. It just wasn’t good enough for me. I eventually upgraded to a boiler system that hooked up to a baseboard heater. It was an expensive change but totally worth it. Now my family is warm on cold days. It makes that snowy, chilly weather a bit more bearable when I have a quality heating system in my home. The boiler should last us almost 50 years too.


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