Interesting facts about Waldorf, MD

In Maryland we say “if you don’t like the scenery, drive six blocks.” This is a state of big cities and small, sleepy towns.

It is a state of forests, seascapes, and natural wonder.

The tourism board has an easy job convincing people to come here, because there is literally something for everyone. My family used to be heavily involved in the fishing industry, so traditionally we have lived right on the bay. As much as I enjoyed being out on the water and fishing for a living, it wasn’t enough for me. I decided to take my own path in life, which started in Waldorf, of all places. It’s not like I had lifelong dreams of moving to Waldorf, Maryland, things just worked out like that – and I’m glad they did! Due to the close proximity to Washington DC, Waldorf has been growing steadily since it was first founded in 1970, although I guess the word “founded” isn’t exactly correct. You see, Waldorf is not officially a city or a town at all, even though the current population is well over 75,000 people. Waldorf is concisdered a CDP or “census designated place” where means lots of people live there, but it’s still not a town. All I care about is that Waldorf has so much new construction going on that I have all the HVAC work I can handle! I am a freelance HVAC tech, and reguladly do installations and repair work for a handful of Waldorf contractors. I also like being this close to Washington DC, because I have family there.