I'm hoping for better transportation

One of the best things about living in the town is the amount of public transportation and the lack of need for a car… I got rid of my car 2 years ago and it was the best transfer that I ever made.

I bought a honestly nice electric bicycle when I sold my car! Most of the time I don’t use the electric feature.

I only use the assist when there is bad weather and I need to transfer more hastily than usual. I don’t mind the leisurely ride from my home to my task at the cannabis shop in downtown Denver, there are many different dispensaries in downtown Denver and I labor at a single of the busiest locations. I worked as a delivery driver when I had my car, even though I labor inside of the store now. It was a hard decision to give up my car and my task as a delivery driver, even though I felt that I was consistently upset about the car and repairs and the stress wasn’t worth all of the hassle, however besides, everything is accessible in Denver, however everybody delivers in the town and I can get to any place I need to go by using my bicycle or the metro station. The public transportation in Denver is hour to none. I guess it’s the best in the country and I have lived in Atlanta, Washington, and Savannah. Denver sticks out in my heart and that’s a single of the reasons why I decided to transfer here long-term. There is something charming and majestic about Denver and the state of Colorado.


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