I’d love to quit the HVAC business and work with animals

When the animals had to flee Chicago after the Great Fire, they came here and settled down in our amazing forests.

The descendants of those fire-kissed animals decades ago are still present in the huge swaths of nature present in the suburbs of Chicago, and specifically in and around Glenview, IL.

My youngest daughter Jessa says she wants to become a veterinarian one day, so I have been especially focused on the local wildlife as of late. The more I learned, the more I realized how little I knew about the ecosystem of Glenview! I don’t know the first thing about ecosystems, because I work as an HVAC tech here in Glenview. The only kinds of wildlife I ever worry about are squirrels and birds building nests in air vents and ductwork, which is something that actually happens a lot around here. Jessa knows all the local birds, and actually can tell me which kinds are most prone to nesting in air ducts. Oddly enough, this helps me in my HVAC work sometimes, because there are ways to get certain birds out of air ducts without doing anything drastic like killing them. There is no school of veterinary medicine here in Glenview, so one day she will have to move away if she continues on this path. My hope is that one day she moves back to Glenview and sets up a private practice. I would love the chance to quit the HVAC business and start working with animals as an assistant to Jessa. It’s a pipe dream, but it keeps me motivated.


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