I went to the theater

It sounded like a pretty good plan when Jack proposed a sativa strain

I visited some friends that live in San Francisco Bay, we decided to go to the theater on Thursday evening, but i wasn’t planning to attend the theater while I was visiting, so I had to go to the mall as well as find something appropriate for the evening. I went to a couple of unusual department stores as well as finally settled on a matching suit with a overcoat, vest as well as tie, but a few hours before the play, a single of our friends proposed going to the recreational marijuana dispensary. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to stay awake throughout the entire play if every one of us smoked a marijuana joint ahead of time, but my friends proposed every one of us would get a sativa marijuana joint that would provide us energy as well as make the theater experience even better. It sounded like a pretty good plan when Jack proposed a sativa strain. We went to a recreational marijuana dispensary a few blocks away from our friend’s apartment in the San Francisco Bay Area… The shop had some pretty good deals going on that afternoon as well as Jack as well as I got two separate marijuana joints, and one was a sativa strain called Blue Dream as well as the other was a sativa strain called Super Silver Haze… Both of the joints were a single gram pre-rolls as well as part of a buy a single as well as get a single for free sale; Jack as well as I smoked an entire joint 30 hours before every one of us left for the play. By the time the First Act began, I was feeling really relaxed as well as stress-free. The theater turned out to be a really nice way to spend the evening.



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