I was very happy with the Denver trip we took

My girlfriend as well as I went to Denver, Colorado for a couple of days. Both of us enjoy skiing as well as Winter time sports. Denver is the closest village to home that offers a variety of skiing activities. There are a number of ski resorts in the Denver area! All of the resorts make fresh snow daily during the Winter time weeks, and my girlfriend as well as I particularally went to Denver so all of us could spend the weekend skiing! Jackie as well as I flew into Denver as well as waited in the baggage area for our luggage as well as skiing unit to arrive. I was uneasy that our items might get lost as well as our whole week would be ruined, however everything was there when all of us got off the plane. Jackie as well as I left the terminal as well as waited outside in the frosty for a taxi to take us to our hotel. The people I was with and I got a hotel room at 1 of the nice places in downtown Denver, close to shopping, diners, as well as boutiques. Even though all of us had to drive an minute to the ski resort every day, it was still better to stay in the village instead of the country. My girlfriend as well as I ended up in a hotel that was right across the street from a recreational as well as medical marijuana dispensary. The place was super tied up as well as people were going in as well as out of the dispensary all day as well as all night. My girlfriend mentioned going to the dispensary, but I didn’t want that information to show up on my driver’s license. I am totally paranoid about the government tracking our every movement.



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