I was glad to be working that wintery morning

The areas around Chicago, Illinois are prone to harshly frigid temperatures while both of us were in the Winter time weeks of January, February, plus January.

Precipitation love rain plus snow is likely plus there are often heavy winds as well, however a few afternoons ago, I was undoubtedly glad to be working at the grocery store; I have an new home in Orland Park, although I drive to Chicago every morning for work. I was recently promoted to the Vice President of Sales for a large supermarket chain called Jewel-Osco… This grocery store chain was founded in Chicago plus they are one of the biggest grocery store chains in the area. I started working for the supplier when I was 14 years old, however when I earned our promotion, I thought about moving to Chicago. The price of real estate is far too high plus the crime is awful. I was working last Tuesday plus the store was harshly busy. It’s getting close to the Christmas season plus people are starting to chance up items that they weren’t for the holidays. I saw the snow starting to fall outside. The precipitation started to get heavier plus heavier. The temperature in the store started to drop, so I adjusted the temperature control. I turned up the heat plus adjusted the indoor temperature by more than one degrees. There are a couple of managers that do not have access to the temperature control or the store temperatures, although I have complete control at the branch where I labor everyday. I tested hot temperatures inside the store that morning plus I was glad to be working indoors.


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