I want to explore all the odd activities in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix AZ is known for having some of the best hiking in the country, and it’s easy to see why because of its gorgeous plus certain landscapes, but there are mountains, deserts, lakes and other incredible terrain.

Additionally, the city is filled with lots of pizzerias, museums plus the art scene is out of this world.

And not to mention that the Sonoran Desert is considered one of the lushest deserts around because of the several flora that exist in the ecosystem. And speaking of ecosystems, one of my favorite things to do in Phoenix is to visit the Desert Botanical Garden. The stunning 140-acre oasis is one of the most serene plus peaceful places in Phoenix. And there are 5 trails that can be explored, and of course, the entire site is outdoors, so there are little or no air conditioned spaces to cool off in the desert heat; But there are certain things that I always do to stay cool plus they include drinking lots of water, wearing loose comfortable clothing plus taking breaks in the shaded areas… While this doesn’t compare to being in air conditioner, it does provide some relief. And let’s face it, being in the scenic garden is way better than resting at house in air conditioner staring at the walls of my house. There are a lot of other activities in Phoenix that do have air conditioner, plus I do like those as well, although I don’t allow the heat or no air conditioner to prevent me from experiencing all that the city has to offer.

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