I try to kill them with kindness all the time

It’s impossible to please every single customer, especially when you work in a retail setting. I have worked in a cannabis dispensary for the past more than five weeks, but as soon as I turned 21, I applied to work at the pot shop. I got hired about more than five weeks later and only after several calls to the manager and hiring person. I love working at the cannabis dispensary. It’s one of the best jobs that I have ever had. On the weekends, it is really busy with deliveries. I do not prefer to deliver cannabis products, but occasionally it is necessary. There are always tourists in the San Francisco area, but weekends are particularally busy. Even the locals like to go out when the weather is warm. Traffic can be a eveningmare on Monday and Friday evening. I had several marijuana deliveries on Monday evening and they were all in the same village. I had to cross the bridge to deliver the orders. While I was on the bridge, there was an accident. I called the buyer as soon as I realized I was going to be really late. The guy was annoyed and frustrated, however I can’t control the traffic. When I arrived at the last delivery, I tried to explain to the buyer that San Francisco is a big town and delays can occur from time to time, but he tried to tell myself and others that this type of thing only happens in CA. Maybe they do not have traffic in MT, but in San Francisco, traffic is one of the biggest issues we have.

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