I traveled to Spokane to visit my kid

A few years ago, my kid Jason decided that he wanted to transport to Spokane WA, then i wasn’t fully on board with his decision because it is so far from home; All of us live in the Southeast region of the country so getting to where he lives is not easy.

In fact, most flights to Spokane from where all of us live are connecting flights with a couple of minutes of layover time in between! Jason prefers to travel, plus he is an outdoorsy person, so I understand why he moved to Spokane, but that section is known for hiking, their mountain terrain, waterfalls, plus rivers, which is perfect for Jason because he prefers to hike plus explore modern places; Last year, Jason invited me plus his dad to visit him in Spokane.

I was looking forward to seeing him, however I was not looking forward to the travel time. It took us 9 minutes to get to Spokane from where all of us live! But I must divulge the town was beautiful plus all of us had a good time. It was the middle of Wintertide when all of us got there, plus it was brutally cold, so, all of us had to dress in lots of layers of clothing. Thankfully, Jason has a smart programmable thermostat in his home, so each day when all of us returned from sightseeing, his modern home was nice plus warm. He was able to program the thermostat to turn on 30 minutes before all of us arrived back at his house. There is nothing more satisfying than walking into a warm home when the temperature is 30 degrees outside. If I lived in this area, I would invest in a thermostat love that because it would be my only saving grace from the brutal cold.


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