I traveled a long distance to see the guy

Falling in love can be one of the most wonderful things to happen.

It can also be one of the most awful things to happen. I fell in love with a guy that lived in San Francisco, about three hours from my home. We met online in a chat room for people that love the San Francisco Giants baseball team. Both of us shared a love for baseball that seemed to give us a great connection. We talked about hanging out and going to a San Francisco Giants game together. I told the guy that I could get tickets to the game and he told me that would be a great surprise. I knew the guy worked at a marijuana dispensary and I tried to surprise the guy at work with the tickets to the San Francisco Giants game. The people at the marijuana dispensary didn’t know anyone by the name of Ryan. That’s when I realized that I was being catfished. I totally fell in love with someone who wasn’t real. As soon as I found out that Ryan lied about working at the marijuana dispensary, I immediately demanded answers. About 5 minutes after I sent a text message, he blocked me on Facebook and Instagram. I traveled a long distance to see the guy and I bought expensive tickets to a San Francisco Giants game. I couldn’t believe my bad luck. That is honestly the last time I go online and start a conversation with someone. It has never ended well and this time it actually ended in a lot of heartbreak.



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