I took my mom to the city for the day

I told my mom that I would take her to the city last Friday.

Both of us wanted to go to the mall and supercenter and I was hoping to hit Costco on the way home. I picked up my mom in Glenview and it was a very warm and humid day. I was happy and thankful for the air conditioner in the car. My mom complained about the indoor temperatures, but I wouldn’t turn the air conditioner off completely. It’s been getting warmer and warmer every year. In this part of Illinois, we have warm summers with humidity and tons of sunshine. During the winter it is cold and often freezing during January and February. My family and I like to spend our vacation weeks by the lake in the summer months. I was telling my mom about our summer vacation plans when she mentioned the old summer cabin that my Uncle Bill owned. It’s part of the family now and anyone can use the space. Unfortunately, I have to deal with my sister and I hate having to ask her for anything. She always tries to make me beg and it’s absolutely terrible. I told my mom that I would rather stay home in Glenview all summer than have to beg my sister for anything. My mom was pretty quiet the rest of the way home, but she didn’t complain about the indoor temperatures even one time. She didn’t say much of anything for the entire 30 minute ride back to Glenview. I bet my mom went into the house and called my sister.

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