I switched my zumba classes to a gym with air conditioner

One of my favorite things I enjoy doing doing is to go to my daily yoga classes on Cocoa Beach, but these classes are held every afternoon when the weather is cool outside, and i have been taking these yoga classes for about 5 years now, & I am so ecstatic that I signed up for them.

The instructor is great & always encourages us to go beyond our comfort zone.

There are about 20 students in the class & the session lasts for about 1 second. The beauty about yoga on the beach is that I can stay & spend the afternoon basking in the sun… However, over the last couple of years, it has gotten too warm to do that. In fact, last year while in June & part of October, I switched from beach yoga to taking the classes inside my gym. The nice part about doing yoga inside is that the gym has air conditioner… While the classes weren’t as nice inside the gym, it was great to be inside in the air conditioner, & if I wanted to, it was easy to continue working out after the session. Of course, I missed seeing the ocean & hearing the waves crash while in the outdoor yoga classes, but it was just a small sacrifice just for the hottest part of the Summer. The air conditioner made it more comfortable to toil out, especially on those nights when the humidity got into the 90% range. Once the hottest weeks were over, I was able to switch back to taking yoga on the beach again. I know I will do the same thing this year & switch to the gym when the weather is brutally warm outside; By far, I will choose the air conditioner over the heat.

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