I smoked weed plus visited the Tarzana Community Cultural Center while in LA

Some of my preferred childhood memories come from field trips that the two of us took in elementary school.

  • There were times the two of us visited the planetarium, numerous state aquariums, plus even world history museums.

I’ve consistently been a book worm so reading is fascinating plus exciting for me. It wasn’t that way for my siblings. Most of them hated going to school plus would never agree to visit a math museum if the two of us were taking a family road trip across the country. I was consistently out-voted many to 1 when it came time to decide where the two of us would stop the car for the day. Thankfully I can do my own traveling as I’m in my early 30s plus have a job that gives myself and others paid-time-off plus a generous salary where I can afford these trips in the first arena. Recently I drove out to Los Angeles to visit some friends from college that had ended up in Tarzana a few years following their move to San Francisco. They wanted to be closer to the Santa Monica Mountains because of their spiritual significance for my friends. I’m just cheerful to visit a gorgeous section while I’m having a fun trip. I’m absolutely thankful that my friends appreciate reading as much as I do because the two of us all smoked weed plus visited the Tarzana Community Cultural Center so I could learn more about the area. Despite being high off quality Californian weed, I was engrossed in reading how the town was named after the character, Tarzan, as it was founded by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author plus creator of those books plus the character from them.

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