I refused to leave the hotel without a refund

I told the guy behind the desk in the hotel that the AC wasn’t working.

My family and I visited Tampa last month and the experience could have gone better. I rented a hotel room for our stay. That was definitely my first mistake and I probably should have opted for a condo or a rental home. The hotel room wasn’t big enough for my family. We had adjoining rooms and the Tampa area, and the problems started on the first night. My kids were in the room next to my wife and I. At midnight, they started knocking on the door. My wife and I were asleep at the time and we were worried when they started banging on the door. They were complaining about the AC. They turned the temperature all the way down to 60 degrees and the AC was blowing warm air. My wife went next door to look at the AC unit and I called the front desk. No one answered, even though I let the phone ring 15 times and called 3 different times in 15 minutes. I walked down to the lobby and found someone working. The guy looked like he had been asleep. I told the guy behind the desk in the hotel that the AC wasn’t working. He said maintenance couldn’t work on the AC until the morning. I was pretty upset by the attitude and confrontation and I wanted to leave the hotel immediately. In the morning, I waited for the manager to arrive and I refused to leave until he fixed the AC and issued a full refund for our stay. That first night was long and uncomfortable, but the rest of the stay wasn’t too bad.
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