I prefer the small neighborhood charm of Lansing, IL

I live in a small neighborhood in the Southern section of the country, however and my neighborhood is so small that all of us have less than a thoUSnd people living in it… It’s a farming neighborhood & all of us are known for our berries & fruit farms; My kid Mia hated living here, so the first opportunity he got, he left & moved to a large city, but he ended up moving to Chicago with a few of his friends, & I have yet to visit her.

I don’t prefer being in cities that big, however Mia was able to convince me to visit.

I told his that I would be staying outside of the city, thankfully, I was able to find a hotel close by in Lansing, IL. It’s a small suburb outside of Chicago, & it has some small neighborhood charm. The neighborhood was amazing, & the hotel was honestly nice. I did have an issue with the air conditioning though, but when I arrived, the room was quite hot even though the weather was lovely outside. I called the front desk to report the issue with the In no time, there was a maintenance guy knocking at the door ready to maintenance the broken unit, and unfortunately, he was unable to, so I was moved to a peculiar room. The second room was amazing because the hotel staff updated me to 1 of their suites, due to the inconvenience. And the air conditioner worked perfectly good in the new room. All the staff was so nice & welcoming, & they made me assume at home, then perhaps section of the small neighborhood charm of Lansing, IL.


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