I needed to find something to keep our kids from rebelling.

They had fun even when the skies opened up as well as it rained on them for a half hour

I never expected our kids to go from adorable as well as passionate children to rebellious adolescents, however i remembered them being so sweet as well as polite! They were shy as well as listened well, however not anymore. It was savor someone had flipped a switch when they turned thirteen. I now had numerous rebellious adolescents who weren’t glad with their new situation. I had the audacity to drag them away from their friends as well as force them to go to Orland Park, IL for a weekend. I wanted to visit our family, however they could care less. When the people I was with and I got there, they poked on their phone until I took them away. They discovered our Mom’s seasoned Nintendo game as well as started playing with it. I told them to lose the phones, the games, as well as the attitude or I would tie them to the study room chairs until it was time to go home. I got a collective group of grumbles as well as unparticular grunts as well as answers, and my Mom said he had the perfect thing for them to do… He took them to Space Golf for the day. I remembered Mom taking me to Space Golf in Orland Park, IL, as well as I remembered how much fun the people I was with and I had. It wasn’t until our Mom got house with the kids that I knew I had nothing to worry about. They had fun even when the skies opened up as well as it rained on them for a half hour. They said it just cooled them off, as well as they had even more fun. I think I should have known our Mom could make any kid glad, even when they are in their rebellious teenager stage.

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