I needed a dehumidifier in the winter.

When I heard Evansville, IL has an average humidity level of 55% during the winter, I was sure I was going to need a dehumidifier.

I had only ever used a dehumidifier in the summer, where I lived before moving to Illionios.

I was thinking it was going to be cold and humid, which would make it even colder. I had recently been stationed at the Air Force Base near IL. I looked up all the weather stats prior to being moved there. I wanted to be prepared for whatever nature was going to throw at me. The humidity they had in winter, was lower than I was used to during our typical summer, but higher than I was used to for our typical winter. The humidity levels in the summer were low by all my standards. I was more concerned with how cold it would be in the winter. My CO told me not to worry about the weather. They would give us appropriate clothing while on base. I wanted to be prepared for times when I was off base. I had never been to Evansville, and I wanted to be dressed for comfort. If there were high humidity levels, I wasn’t sure if I should dressed warmer, or for cooler temps. I never was one for looking at the weather, but being in the Air Force was forcing that on me. I knew I would need HVAC in whatever home I was going to be living in, whether on or off base. I figured I would just need to play it by ear, and hope I had the right clothing for every occasion.



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