I moved to Lowell, MI. What are meds cafes?

When I moved to Lowell, MI, I wanted to keep my legal, medical marijuana status alive.

I didn’t know if I needed to get a new medical marijuana card, or if I could simply use the one I have, along with my new Michigan state ID card.

The first thing I had to do was make sure my medical marijuana card was valid in Michigan. I found out that Michigan is one of many states that are reciprocal, meaning they will accept out-of-state medical marijuana ID when purchasing in their state. You need a valid driver’s license or state ID card to prove you are you. Moving to Lowell, MI, meant my marijuana ID card would be good for as long as it had a date on it. Once that date expired, I had to have it renewed in Michigan and show legal residence, or I would need to go back to my home state and have it renewed. Once I found out I was legal to purchase medical marijuana, I wanted to know what meds cafes were. This was odd for me, because I was told I could not just purchase the marijuana in the dispensary, but they had areas you could go where you could legally use the marijuana before leaving the store. I had to keep my package secured in its original stapled bag until I got it home, when I was living in the other state. I didn’t just get a better job when I moved to Lowell, MI, but I also got more freedom with my medical marijuana.

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