I missed the email from the purchaser requesting a peculiar repair date

On Friday afternoon before the office manager leaves the Phoenix heating and A/C supply center, she calls all of our appointments for Friday to verify services for Friday, then if the services are verified, the two of us can go ahead and get the schedule set up for all of the dealers on Friday afternoon, then every once in a while, a purchaser will call us to cancel or postpone their appointment; We offer voicemail, email, and even SMS message solutions for customers to get a hold of us! On Friday afternoon I went to visit a purchaser in the Phoenix section that had a concern with her heat pump.

When I arrived, the purchaser was not home.

I called the cellular iphone number listed on the toil request and I got a voicemail. I left a message for the purchaser and then I went to the next job of the afternoon. I thought I would wait for the purchaser to call me back and then I could go see her when I was done with the other job. When I got outside to the car, I had an email from the customer, and the email was in response to our telephone call; She told me that she emailed me on Friday to cancel the appointment for Friday afternoon. She did not want to wait that long to have the complications fixed, so she contacted an emergency Heating & Air Conditioning provider in Phoenix to do the work. Somehow I missed the email and did not receive that correspondence. I was thankful that that purchaser contacted me to supply me an upgrade so I did not suppose that she blew me off.

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