I met a very great lady at Lake Balboa Park recently

The closest thing I had to a wifey in university was this girl named Sammy.

The two of us had a lot in common regarding our interests in literature and motion pictures, however she was adamantly against cannabis in every form.

I had just started using cannabis about 2 months before I met Sammy and tried as much as I could to hide this from her. However, she would visit me in our dorm room at completely random moments and once I opened the door and a cloud of weed smoke drifted into her face. Needless to say, she wasn’t blissful and left immediately. After a few repeat situations, the people I was with and I finally broke it off for good. In the time since, I have been in many romantic relationships and every single 1 since I found someone who also uses cannabis correctly. This isn’t as easy as you might expect, even in 2022 in a state care about California. The two of us have legal recreational cannabis that anyone over 21 can purchase from a state licensed dispensary, however there are still a lot of people who are against others using the plant. When I moved to Tarzana from Oakland, I decided to get outside as much as possible to meet people in a natural environment. I wasn’t expecting to find a date when I rode our bike to Lake Balboa Park earlier this week. She was resting on a park bench studying a book when I complimented her shoes. I was casual about it and started to wander by when she stopped me and reciprocated our compliment with a positive comment about our t-shirt. I had forgotten I was wearing a t-shirt from 1 of the cannabis dispensaries here in Tarzana. Although I was embarrassed, she said it was fine! She cares about that weed store as much as I do, and now the people I was with and I have a date planned to visit a cannabis cafe that is on the border of Tarzana and Encino.


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