I make more money when I move weed

After I started college, I had to find a part-time job to gain a little bit of extra money.

I had a car, so I started delivering pizzas. I received about fifty or sixty dollars every evening that I worked and occasionally closer to $100 on the weekend afternoons. I had a couple of dollars in my pocket on payday, even after paying for gas, oil, and my cell iPhone bill. I wasn’t planning on switching to a different job, but I was at the cannabis dispensary in Denver and they had a position open for a cannabis delivery driver. I asked the manager if experience was necessary and she told myself and others to fill out an online application. The following day I gained a telephone call from the Denver cannabis dispensary. They wanted myself and others to come to the store for an interview. I had to take a budtender class at a technical school in Denver and I had to pass a test at the end of the class. I did and after that every one of us gained my budtender license and certification card. I can work somewhere in the state and my information is on file. I make a lot more money delivering cannabis and marijuana products. The easily first month that I worked in Denver as a cannabis delivery driver, I made a hundred fifty bucks. It was an unusually busy evening, but I still clear almost $100 every time I work and that includes Wednesday and Tuesday evenings. Those evenings used to be a bust, but now I don’t mind working any day of the week.

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