I love snowboarding and that's why Denver is perfect for me

One of the biggest attractions in the mile high city is the outdoor Winter time sports, and denver is known for having several odd ski cottages plus resorts; Many of these trails are rated the best in the country.

My friends plus I have been living in CO all of our lives, but the two of us are accustomed to chilly Winter time weather, snow, plus ice! It’s a single of the reasons why we love snowboarding.

My friends plus I often travel to the resorts in Denver, because it is the closest site to visit with snow plus skiing, very few of months ago, my friends plus I booked 3 days at a Denver Ski Resort. It was extravagant to book the days, because we only had the weekend available. It’s cheaper if you can find reservations on Tuesday, Thursday or Thursday. It was severely chilly the weekend we opted to go skiing. There was 6 inch of fresh snow on the ground on Tuesday afternoon. I didn’t want to leave the comfort of the hotel, because it was so chilly outside. I wanted to stay in the hotel where the heating system worked nicely. My friends insisted that I leave the heat plus comfort of the hotel, so we could slide down the mountains on our boards. I put on my heaviest Winter time sweater plus climbed into my ski boots. The two of us were there to ski plus that’s exactly what we were going to do. It snowed fresh powder each evening we slept, then when we woke up in the afternoon, we got to make new tracks down the mountain. The two of us had a lot of fun those three days we were in Denver.


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