I love going to the parks in San Francisco

CA has a pretty good amount of enjoyable areas and attractions.

  • My number one site is truly San Francisco.

I actually visited San Francisco a good amount of times when I was a little child. As an adult, I decided to move to the town after recreational marijuana was totally legalized. I was using medical marijuana to help with severe pain and swelling after a serious car accident. I was spending a large amount of cash on medical marijuana and some pals of mine were bragging about the prices of recreational marijuana in San Francisco. When they offered to let me move into their dwelling and sleep on the couch, I decided to move to the city. One of my number one sites in San Francisco is definitely Golden Gate Park! The park is definitely 1 of the greatest sites in the area and home to a number of sites such as the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. This site has some of the most fantastic plants like their pitcher plants. These plants were used as cooking vessels for rice and water. The fluid contained in these plants has also been used as a powerful pain reliever and natural way to treat indigestion and dysentery. I’ve learned a good amount about these awesome and interesting plants in the past year. I have spent a bunch of time visiting Golden Gate Park and I do not mind spending most of my time resting in the park studying about the amazing attractions. There is a truly nice boy that works at the visitor center and occasionally we have lunch together when I am there and he is working. It might creep the man out to actually know that I have memorized his schedule.

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