I like to smoke my marijuana

Throughout our life, I have always lived in the Great Lakes region. I spent a few years in WI near Lake Michigan, more than one years by Lake Superior in Thunderbay, numerous weeks by Lake Huron in Lion’s Head, and over a decade along the shores of Lake Erie in Port Rowan. But currently, I assume tremendously fortunate to be a Torontonian that has an house with a gorgeous view of Lake Ontario. There are superb and not-as-good places in Toronto, although I would hesitate to call part of the town “bad” regardless of higher crime villages. Of the highly rated places in the city, Downtown Toronto, Kensington Market, and Yorkville often top the list with others. Unluckyly, numerous people cannot afford to live in these places by default, regardless of how the Canadian economy is doing or that of the rest of the world. Rent is high in Toronto and much of the western world, but villages like West Humber-Claireville and Rexdale-Kipling are known as more affordable chances in the city. And no matter where you reside in Toronto, you can still jump on the subway and get to the shores of Lake Ontario fairly easily. I care about smoking joints on the shores of Lake Ontario in places where I assume that I’m out of sight and can’t be seen. Sometimes I visit docks at the Port Lands at night or Woodbine Beach during the day if there aren’t too numerous guests. Public outdoor cannabis use is illegal in Toronto, although I don’t assume anyone yet who has been busted when doing so. The RCMP have better things I like to do than busting people for smoking a single joint.



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