I got called in Portland, Oregon

Although I have heard about “catfishing” before, I never thought it would happen to me… I suppose nobody ever thinks it will happen to them, which is why it happens so often! Basically what happened is I met a cute girl named Jenny online, plus all of us chatted for many weeks, then eventually she asked myself and others to come plus visit her, so I purchased a plane ticket to Portland, Oregon plus flew in for a long weekend.

Jenny did not meet myself and others at the Portland airport, as she had promised, then when I tried to contact her online, she was gone – Jenny had ghosted me… Now I was stuck for many mornings in Portland with nobody to see plus nowhere to stay! Thankfully, there are a lot of unusual kinds of accommodations in Portland, for travelers of any budget.

I couldn’t afford a single of the ritzy downtown Portland hotels, although I did find a nice hostel with a clean, heated room for only $25 a night, and best of all, there was a single of the numerous local cannabis dispensaries located just down the block, after a quick walking tour of the area, I realized that no matter where I went in Portland, there was constantly a cannabis dispensary within walking distance; This is a town that loves its marijuana! I wound up having an amazing time in Portland, plus not just because of the incredible cannabis. There were great diners, plus clubs that featured local Portland musicians every night of the week. I might have been catfished, although I still had a genuinely great getaway.

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