I drove to the town with a pal

Living out in the desert means having to deal with drought, heat, plus potential flash floods; I live in the desert right outside of Las Vegas. I’m still in Clark county, however I am much closer to the Mojave desert! The desert is a actually unusual site; Sporadically at evening I can hear the people in the town plus see all of the lights. I hate to go to Las Vegas frequently, because I guess it is wasteful to gamble away the money that you work hard to earn. I have a lot of friends that go to Las Vegas every weekend. When they go to the city, I make sure they go to a marijuana dispensary plus pick up supplies for me. There are no marijuana shops out here where I live, however there are plenty of sites to buy marijuana in the city. I usually supply my friends a piece of paper with all of the items written down. I also add substitutions just in case there is something not in stock… Just a small number of weeks ago I actually went to the town with my friends instead of sending someone to get marijuana supplies for me, my friend only planned to go to the marijuana dispensary plus he had company at another locale in Las Vegas, he asked me to ride with him so he did not have to drive an minute both ways alone. He provided to take me to the marijuana dispensary while every one of us were there. It was nice to take the drive plus it had been a while since I had been to the city.


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