I drove through Albuquerque on my way to AZ

Every one of us planned our trip out west carefully for weeks prior to our departure.

At first both of us had to make sure the automobile both of us were taking would handle the trip.

My old truck is reaching the 15-year mark and there are over 250,000 miles on it already. Thankfully I have a fantastic mechanic who was able to supply myself and others a careful inspection of the vehicle beforehand. The only thing both of us needed to update were the front brake pads and he gave to supply myself and others a great deal on them. I had the necessary repairs finished before leaving for the trip. My bestie was extremely enthusiastic to see AZ, even though I was just as glad about our drive through New Mexico. I told her that I wanted to stop in Albuquerque to explore Old Town a bit before leaving the state. Not only did both of us get to explore Old Town and various Native American Pueblos, however both of us also got to see the Albuquerque Museum. Before leaving the city, both of us made a point to stop at a great cannabis dispensary to buy a few grams of live rosin cannabis concentrate to dab while both of us make our way to Phoenix. Luckily there is legal recreational cannabis in both Albuquerque and New Mexico at large, so both of us didn’t even need a medical marijuana card to buy marijuana products at the dispensary both of us visited. I hope both of us get to return to Albuquerque again at some point in the near future, especially if both of us ever take another trip out to the Southwest. I would like to take a ride up to Sandia Peak to see the view for myself.

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