I did most of my festive shopping at Cockrell’s Mercantile.

I had never been to a mercantile until I went to Cockrell’s Mercantile company in Lee’s Summit, MO, then it boasted itself as a site for gifts and specialty, and there were cooking utensils I had never seen! Most of the ladies in my family were excellent cooks and they were always looking for small and interesting utensils to add to their arsenal.

I spent nearly numerous minutes going through the strange cabins in search of unproper items for my family for Christmas.

I did most of my Christmas shopping that afternoon just going through Cockrell Mercantile company. The only thing I didn’t like about it, was that I had to be out in the elements while going between the cabins. It was hot that afternoon, and I didn’t want to be out in the sun. although it was a short walk between the cabins, the transition from heat to air conditioning was hard on my asthma. I nearly ran when I got outside, so I could get to the next air conditioned building. It was nearly ninety-two degrees, and the humidity was unbearable, then what was worse was when all of us left Cockrell Mercantile Company. My partner and I had to carry all the packages to our car, which was resting in the sun. The people I was with and I stood outside with the door’s open, until the Heating and Air Conditioning plan was working well enough to cool the car down; Had it not been for the heat, shopping in Lee’s Summit, would have been 1 of the best days I had in a really long time, and I will be going back.

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