I did most of my Christmas shopping at Cockrell’s Mercantile.

I had never been to a mercantile until I went to Cockrell’s Mercantile company in Lee’s Summit, MO.

It boasted itself as a place for gifts and specialty.

There were cooking utensils I had never seen. Most of the women in my family were excellent cooks and they were always looking for small and interesting utensils to add to their arsenal. I spent nearly three hours going through the different cottages in search of unusual items for my family for Christmas. I did most of my Christmas shopping that day just going through Cockrell Mercantile company. The only thing I didn’t like about it, was that I had to be out in the elements while going between the cottages. It was hot that day, and I didn’t want to be out in the sun. although it was a short walk between the cottages, the transition from heat to air conditioning was tough on my asthma. I nearly ran when I got outside, so I could get to the next air conditioned building. It was nearly ninety-two degrees, and the humidity was unbearable. What was worse was when we left Cockrell Mercantile Company. My husband and I had to carry all the packages to our car, which was sitting in the sun. We stood outside with the door’s open, until the HVAC system was working well enough to cool the car down. Had it not been for the heat, shopping in Lee’s Summit, would have been one of the best days I had in a very long time, and I will be going back.


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