I couldn't believe how many marijuana dispensaries they had in Las Vegas.

I have so many amazing memories from when my son said to me about Las Vegas, NV, for my birthday.

He took me to some of the strangest museums anyone is ever been to.

We went to one museum that featured movie monsters and strange characters. We went to a theater that was all about porn in the 1920s. We even went to the museum for cars that leftists done that the beauty of some of them. The thing that impressed me most was how many marijuana dispensaries they had in Las Vegas, NV. One afternoon, we drove around Las Vegas, and counted all the marijuana dispensaries they had within a six-block area. I didn’t think we had that many medical marijuana dispensaries in our entire state. My son was laughing because he lived in a state that didn’t have either medical or recreational marijuana legalized. He said he had never seen a medical marijuana before we came to Las Vegas, NV, and it was going to be nice to ‌purchase some without looking for a street vendor. Ice wanted him on the arm and told him that if someone knew he was purchasing illegal marijuana, he could be imprisoned. He said he was just kidding, but I kind of doubted it. Although we were looking to go into the marijuana dispensary, it was interesting to see how many there were, and to go into one just to see what all you could purchase. My son said he didn’t want to go anywhere in Las Vegas, NV, without picking up a memento of being there. He bought an ornate pot pipe, one for himself and one for his dad, who decided not to go to Las Vegas, NV, with us.

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