I could not make the grade in Portland

The music scene in Portland, Oregon is pretty amazing.

I don’t mean the nationally touring acts that come through town, either. Any major musician or band that has a big tour always stops in Portland for at least one show. That’s great and all, but what I’m talking about are the local acts, the homegrown Portland musicians that make this scene so vibrant and alive. When I first moved to Portland I had dreams of being a famous guitar player. After a few days here I realized that I just wasn’t nearly as talented as some of these other folks. Instead I am happy to enjoy listening to the music of Portland, and to work as the manager of a cannabis dispensary. I think it’s amusing how many Portland musicians are also my customers. I get tickets for free shows all the time, because so many people know me from the cannabis dispensary. In return, I use my shop to help promote a few of the better local Portland bands. What I love above all else about Portland is the sense of community, and people taking care of each other. Another thing I love is the killer Portland weed, which is no doubt the best I’ve ever tasted. Next to music, my passion has always been cannabis, so if I can’t be a rock star at least I can follow my other passion and run my shop. I still get to enjoy the best music and marijuana that Portland has to offer, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

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