I begged my mom not to do that

My mom plus I went to visit my Grandma for a couple of weeks, then i didn’t want to leave all of my friends for multiple weeks during the Summer plus I was entirely unhappy about the trip. I begged my mom to let myself and others stay at the house with my dad, however she didn’t want myself and others to be at the house all day alone, my mom plus I met my Grandma at the airport, then she picked us up in Albuquerque plus we drove to her home. My Grandma’s house plus Albuquerque is located in a community that does not have any children; The over 55 community was a boring location for myself and others plus I did not have anyone to play with while I was on trip. My dad came to visit for a couple of afternoons plus my mom went to option him up at the airport. They were gone most of the day. My Grandma decided that the two of us would go out for brunch, however we went to a deli that serve sandwiches plus the location was across the street from an antique shop. I did not assume it would be much fun to visit the antique shop in Albuquerque, however my Grandma had a way of making that outing fun plus interesting. We visited multiple strange antique shops in Albuquerque plus my Grandma let myself and others option out an aged pocket watch. She even paid for the watch to be fixed so it would run plus keep time. I particularly didn’t assume I would have much fun during that trip, however the day I spent with my Grandma was a ton of fun.

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