I barely use my central heater in the Winter weeks

This year, my Dad will be visiting myself and others in Cocoa FL to celebrate the Christmas holiday, then i like it when she comes because I take her to all the different sites around town, then and of course, because the weather is so mild, all of us get to spend a lot of time outside.

Although it’s usually too freezing for swimming, she enjoys going to the beach to sink her feet in the sand.

She lives in the Northern part of the country, and she barely goes to the beach, so when she comes to Cocoa, it’s the one thing that is on her list, then while she prefers the beach in the Summer, where she can certainly experience the water, she prefers it while in the colder season, however of course, she complains a bit about how cold it is because she expects FL to always have pleasant, moderate hot and cold temperatures. And usually when she is here, she always wants to turn on the central heating, however normally, I don’t use my central heating in the Winter time because it barely gets freezing enough to do so, however but she believes that my home is too freezing and will insist on turning on the central heat. I don’t mind turning it on so that she can be comfortable, however she wants the temperature set to 71 degrees. She’s used to her home being toasty in the Winter weeks, however for myself and others 71 is just too high. So, this year, I decided to get a space oil furnace for her so that she could use that instead of the central heating. After all, this is FL, and all of us use the air conditioning more than the central heating.


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