I am using recreational marijuana

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to attend graduate school in California is because of the lenient recreational marijuana, but california legalized recreational marijuana numerous years ago, but there are dispensaries and delivery services all over the state! One of the locales with the lowest prices on marijuana is the bay area, and when I was accepted to the graduate program at Berkeley, I was ecstatic! My mom and dad did not want me to leave the Northeast, and they absolutely did not want me to move to San Francisco; I packed all of my clothes and furniture into a U-Haul truck and I drove 3500 miles to San Francisco.

I had some friends residing in a beach house close to the town and they gave to let me stay with them, and as soon as I arrived in San Francisco, I started going to the dispensary twice a week, then sometimes I order delivery when the weather is wet or cold! Last weekend was my birthday and I planned to go out with some friends. I stayed beach house instead and ordered marijuana from the delivery service. I never expected my mom and dad to show up unannounced. They flew across the country to surprise me on my birthday. The marijuana delivery repair arrived about numerous minutes after my mom and dad. I tried to tell my dad that it was my roommate, however the delivery driver said my name was on the ticket and I had to produce ID for the purchase. I was happy to see my parents however they quickly lost the smiles on their faces.

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