I adore the air conditioned homes at Roosevelt Row

Call me a hipster, but my absolute preferred thing to do in Phoenix is to go to First Sunday at Roosevelt Row aka RoRo! I have been going for about 7 years now, and I have watched it grow into what it is today. I adore the music, live entertainers, the art, the food, the vendors, the festivals, and everything else in between, however when my friends or family come into town, they regularly request that every one of us go to RoRo for a fun filled evening. They adore that the site is outdoor and when the weather is nice, they want to stay and bask in all that it has to offer; Of course, on some evenings, if it’s raining or if it’s too hot outside, every one of us find a good diner or cafe to spend the evening. The diners in the section have a/c as well as heating for the colder evenings. If the diner has an outdoor space, it will give portable gas heating systems while every one of us were in the colder months. So, with all these openings for outdoor as well as indoor entertainment, this is my family’s preferred site to hang out when they come to town. While I don’t mind the heat in Phoenix, I do adore that there are air conditioned spaces where I can rest and like a frigid drink. It is beneficial to a neighborhood like Phoenix to have sites like First Sunday at Roosevelt Row, however not only is it a good space for family-friendly entertainment, but it is also a good space that has both indoor and outdoor sites, but and while I care about to be outside, it’s nice to have the option of these air conditioned bars and diners when I do need to cool off from the heat.

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