Humidity isn't a problem in Phoenix, Arizona

I went to visit Phoenix, Arizona, a couple of years ago and I fell in love with the city.

The entire city of Phoenix is in the middle of the desert.

You can see the mountains as far as you look. The weather is extremely hot and dry. There are cacti everywhere that you look. Humidity isn’t really a problem, but the lack of moisture can be really difficult to deal with. The first year that I lived in Phoenix, I had a problem with chapped lips, dry hands, and an itchy scalp. I thought that I was getting sick, so I went to the doctor. The physician told me that it seemed like I was suffering from the effects of low indoor humidity levels. Low indoor humidity levels can cause all of the problems that I was having physically and it can also cause some problems inside of the house. The physicians suggested purchasing a humidifying machine to add moisture to the air. I honestly didn’t think that a small dehumidifier was going to help all of my health problems. I was totally amazed after using the small dehumidifier for just a few weeks. My skin started to look better and more plump. My hands were less cracked and even my feet looked better. I honestly didn’t realize that low indoor humidity levels were causing such a problem for me, but the change in weather conditions was something that my body had to get used to. I went from the rainy and humid Pacific Northwest to the dry and warm desert climate of Phoenix.
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