Hot sunny days can cause a need for cooling

There are a lot of wonderful reasons to move to Florida, but i did not understand all of them when my mom & Mom wanted to move our family in 2001, and they decided to move here when I was 15 years old.

I was absolutely miserable & sad when they moved.

I was in the 10th grade & I wanted to stay with all of my friends. I tried to convince my mom & Mom to let me live with my Grandfatherrents. I absolutely wanted to graduate with all of my friends, however my parents wanted me to move with them, and when we got to Florida, I met a whole bunch of new friends; My mom & Mom moved the family to a place called Cocoa, but cocoa is a city situated in Brevard County. It is right off the water & in a beautiful area of the state, every one of us are actually close to Cape Canaveral, a place where they frequently launched spacecraft when I was younger! Unluckyly, they do not launch spacecraft from there anymore, then one thing that I hate about living in Cocoa is the boiling & sunny days. They cause a lot of problems like mold & mildew inside of the house! Hot & sunny days also cause a need for air conditioning. Every one of us did not need air conditioning in our seasoned house, however every Summer we have to use the air conditioner now. The rapidly increasing temperatures in Cocoa usually reach around 90 or 100° & the humidity makes it think even warmer. Without the air conditioner, life would be pretty miserable.

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