Homeless population in San Francisco

When my husband and I went to San Francisco everyone wanted to know how it was.

I will say, I am not a fan of the area.

One thing that really stood out to me is the homeless population. My older brother warned me. He said on his trip there were quite a few homeless. I think that number has increased over the past year. It was wall to wall homeless people. There was garbage everywhere and the smell was just awful. If I made conversation with any of the locals it was apparent they weren’t happy about this issue. I am worried about San Francisco. It is a really wealthy area and a big tourism hub. I will never go back there due to the homeless. My brother hated his trip there. My husband’s boss went on a trip there and had the same complaint. Eventually nobody is going to go there. There are plenty of beautiful places in California. Go a bit further south and San Diego is just as good. Go a bit more expensive to Santa Barbara. Want to be closer to the beach? Pick Santa Cruz. Right now you need money to live in San Francisco. Eventually it is going to be overworked with homeless people and dirt cheap to live in. I noticed there are less and less businesses being opened. I thought there would be wall to wall cannabis dispensaries. I only found two during my walk around the city. They were hidden away too. It wasn’t easy to get to them.

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