Having a furnace is necessary for safety plus comfort

Like with any other state, living in Bethlehem, PA comes with its own set of challenges, but about 5 years ago, I decided to move here to further my job.

And though I appreciate the neighborhood plus I don’t regret moving here, there are particular things I wished I knew, but prior to moving to Bethlehem, PA, I lived in the southern part of the country, so I am used to the heat plus humidity, but what took me by surprise about Bethlehem, PA was how dry the heat is.

Because I was used to more humidity being in the air, the dry heat felt like torture to me plus I wasn’t prepared for it; It took some time to get used to, plus thankfully, I have good a/c, however having a nice a/c is the best remedy to beat the heat that my buddy and I face in Bethlehem, PA each year. And over the last few years, it seems like it has gotten hotter here. In fact, my buddy and I have seen some of the highest hot plus cold temperatures in the last few years. And while my buddy and I have not broken the all time record of 122 degrees, my buddy and I have seen three digit studyings on consecutive days. It has gotten so poor that one county plus Bethlehem, PA have set up emergency funds to help homeowners repair their cooling systems when they cut down, but the cost of replacing an Heating and A/C device can be $10,000+, so it’s nice to see that my buddy and I will acquire help if needed. I am not sure how people survived in the past in Bethlehem, PA having no a/c or devices to help them stay cool. It’s a necessary piece of device that my buddy and I need to remain safe plus comfortable in our homes.

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