Going to the hockey hall of fame wasn’t as cool as the stadium

My wife and I decided to go to Toronto for our honeymoon.

We only had a couple of days, but we wanted to go somewhere fun with a lot of nightlife and activities.

Toronto sounded like a really fun place and my wife and I had not been there in a very long time. It was quite a drive to the city, but my wife and I had recreational arijuana in the car. We smoked a marijuana joint at one of the areas on the side of the road and it made the drive a lot more fun and interesting. The first day of our honeymoon I got to pick what we did all day for entertainment. I chose to go to the hockey hall of fame and the blue jays stadium. Both Toronto attractions are cool places for sports fans to visit. Hockey is the number one sport in Canada. Toronto has the Maple Leafs, a team in the Eastern Conference of the national hockey league. Toronto also has a major league baseball team called the Toronto Blue Jays. The hockey hall of fame was pretty neat, but the stadium was the best part of the day. A couple of players were hanging out in the stadium and I watched them practice for an hour. They signed my jersey and took a picture with me. I couldn’t believe my luck. I got to marry the prettiest girl in the world and meet some of my favorite baseball team players. Our five days in Toronto were filled with wonderful memories and exciting adventures.

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