Going to San Francisco plus enjoying legal weed

I grew up, went to college plus spent the majority of my life in the northeastern part of the country, the part is known for brutally long plus frigid winters. Temperatures down to drawback twenty degrees are common. The snow accumulation far surpasses the national average. The two of us were trapped inside plus reliant on the heating method for more than half the year, but when I retired, I took some time to consider unusual areas of the country… I looked into the weather, scenery, cost of living plus politics. I chose to transport to San Francisco. The weather is genuinely charming. It never gets frigid enough to snow, plus the heat of summer time is tolerable. There is amazing shopping, eating establishments, eveninglife plus outdoor activities to enjoy, and a large reason I decided on San Francisco was the accessibility to recreational cannabis. There are multiple dispensaries open for company in the city. All it takes is a valid government-issued identification to be able to shop plus purchase cannabis. Anyone over the age of 21 can legally possess up to 28.5 grams of weed, plus up to 8 grams of concentrate. I can even grow up to many live marijuana plants in my home. I’ve found that cannabis is seriously helpful in treating aches, pains, migraines plus insomnia. It also helps myself and others to relax plus de-stress. I adore to sit on my back porch in the evenings, light up a joint or a pre-roll plus prefer the sunset, however cannabis is way better for myself and others than alcohol. There are no long-term, harmful side-effects that I’m aware of, however no a single has ever overdosed on marijuana.

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