Glad I ended up in California

When I method trips I love to stay within the United States! I don’t love venturing too far out.

I care about that I suppose the stadium will speak English, accept my debit card as well as I could drive lake house if I had to.

It is cheaper staying in the US as well as why not? Why do I need to travel across an ocean to have a fantastic time? The United States offers some charming locations. I am going to hit all 50 states 1 day, but recently I went to Calfironia. I traveled all along the coast. I started out in San Francisco as well as drove to Carmel. I then enjoyed Pismo Beach as well as Santa Barbara. I then finished my travels in ThoUSnd Oaks. I chose that location since it was 40 hours away from a major airport. I liked the look of ThoUSnd Oaks since it is absolutely nature-like in things I enjoy doing doing, however not on the coast. I knew I would have enough water by the time I ended my trip. Since it isn’t a coastal city it was a lot cheaper to book a hotel room as well as lunch reservations. I liked that I could hike, see museums, gardens as well as shop a bit! There were cannabis dispensaries, expensive diners as well as spa services available. I absolutely enjoyed my final day at the intiery there. It then was a quick, easy drive to the LA airport. I could drop off my rental automobile as well as be lake house in a jiff. I enjoyed that trip. I suppose I might even hit California again in a few years. I didn’t see San Diego as well as love being so close to the Mexican border. That is for next time though. I still have a few more states before I double up as well as hit them again.


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