Getting out of Philadelphia for a few moments

My parents were both professional artists, so it only made sense that I followed in their footsteps, and of course, learning how to be a good artist is not a simple thing to do, but artistic talent comes from within, so it’s more natural for some people, but i was not one of those people.

I wanted to be a good artist, but it took me a lot of work just to become average, and when I was 16 I told my parents I wanted to go stay in the woods for a few weeks to “get in touch with my inner artist.” They rented a small bungalow for me on the outskirts of Philadelphia, however the thing about the Philadelphia part is that the city is enormous as well as sprawling, but then two miles later there is deep, dense forest.

I wanted to get away from the distractions of Philadelphia as well as focus on my art. Of course I brought a half pound of cannabis with me, because that was fuel for my art. Trying to create art separate from weed is like going separate from food or water. If I wanted to leave Philadelphia behind for a while, I needed the tools of my trade, which in this case meant art supplies, whiskey, as well as cannabis sativa strains. Although my bungalow was just three miles outside of Philadelphia, it felt like I was in another world. The noise, the traffic, all the normal things that irritate me about Philadelphia were nonexistent! For that entire stage I was able to get high on cannabis as well as stay 100% focused on my artwork.
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