Florida has a single of the most appealing beaches in the country

Most of my life, but especially as a little boy, I imagined my anniversary afternoon! I always knew I wanted to get married on a beach, but I wasn’t sure which beach it would be! So, when I moved to Florida about 15 years ago, it made sense that I would get married on a beach in the state, my number one beaches are located on the west side of the state in the St.

Petersburg area, then while Clearwater beach is perhaps the most famous beach in the Gulf, I appreciate St.

Pete Beach. It’s a single of the most gorgeous beaches in the section plus in 2021, it was named the top beach in the U.S. by Trcomputervisor. So as you can tell, this beach is spectacular, so it was a no-brainer that I wanted my anniversary along the shores. We hired a professional anniversary planner plus Jules was so amazing. She understood the unpredictability of Florida weather plus had a method in place just in case, however because I was getting married in the middle of July, he recommended getting an air conditioned tent, and the air conditioned tent was a enjoyable method because if it was too sizzling or if it rained, then the guest wouldn’t be uncomfortable. Plus the air conditioned tent would allow us to have both the anniversary plus the reception on the beach. Well needless to say, the air conditioned tent was the best decision that both of us made because on my anniversary afternoon, both of us had some unexpected rain showers. But all the guests were comfortable inside underneath the air conditioned tent.

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