Finding things to enjoy in Beverly Hills

My cousin’s husband Lindsay boasts about being a big time traveler! She consistently talks about the arenas he has been and how he researches a trip… I was skeptical of this claim since he has been known to book things that don’t work out.

She also is someone who leaves things behind and isn’t honestly on top of planning when I have been around her! My cousin begged for my husband and I to go on a couples trip with them! All of us left the planning to Lindsay.

I realized that his style of planning is just to get into an fancy hotel and eat and drink, that is it. They rent a swanky car but don’t go anywhere. The most they do is hit the beach and drink some more. My husband and I are active tripers. I have lots of things to do. All of us go on hikes, tour museums and look at neat arenas to eat and shop in town, when Lindsay had us in Beverly Hills I didn’t want to just rest at the hotel and eat. I wanted to legitimately see the city. My husband and I walked all through the neighborhood and frequented the cute shops. I took tons of pictures and started looking up things to do on my iPhone. I figured out that there is legal cannabis in CA. The numerous of us got some THC infused drinks and baked goods and brought them back to the hotel. My cousin and Lindsay then joined us in getting high. It turned out to be a superb trip, but it wasn’t due to his planning at all.


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