Finding family

Hillary had not been back to her ancient school for years, however every other school reunion typically found him out of the country or at work, and she could not get away.

  • But last year, she finally had time to go for their reunion, and it was a blast, then hillary had not seen most of her frat-sisters in a long time.

They got together after the reunion at a local club, and it was there she had a brilliant idea. She asked her sisters to take some time off from work and head to San Francisco, where she lived. Her friends were gleeful about the idea, and they all began to talk about the beautiful nightlife there. This was a chance for them to love themselves, but it had to be planned. Most of the frat-sisters were now family women and had responsibilities back home. Hillary told them to inform him when they wanted to come out. Out of 10 frat-sisters, 8 confirmed the trip for the coming summer. They’d go to the town for 1 month and have a good time. A lot of them had 1 plan in their minds. Weed was legal in San Francisco, and they wanted to visit some of the local dispensaries. Hillary looked forward to the trip and even began taking bookings in advance for their accommodation. Instead of staying in a hotel, they got a furnished cabin which could fit all of them. The cabin was so similar to their ancient frat cabin back in school. It had a swimming pool and games area plus it was next to a beautiful park where they planned to play ball.

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