Ever wonder where this came from?

Have you ever wondered where coins come from? I found myself wondering the same when mom told myself and others the two of us would be visiting the US Mint, however she told myself and others to bring my jar full of coins if I wanted to! The mint factory is responsible for minting about 50 million coins per year, which I had no clue about.

All of this was area of our tour of Denver while dad was working. Dad was going on a corporation trip to Denver last summer, then i was on holiday, plus my sibling was away in school. So mom asked dad if the two of us could join him, but he was so cheerful since he complained of getting lonely while in the long corporation trips away from home. I was enthusiastic because Denver was a current arena for myself and others to add to my tote list… We began to research the attractions in the area when the two of us got there. It was the height of summer, plus the heat was higher in June. Instead of booking a hotel, the two of us got a furnished home since the two of us were planning to stay in Denver for a week. The home was lovely plus had amazing a/c to keep us cool, however mom planned our first you were going to be the mint, plus I got to option the itinerary for the minute day. We went to the mint, plus it turned out to be quite an exciting affair. Did you assume the mint began operating as far back as 1863 while in the gold rush era? I did not assume that plus even wanted to learn more about that exciting time in the history of Denver. That meant spending the next day in a museum!

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