Even the outdoor bathroom has to have AC

It’s been in the 90s since the start of June… I like living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, however the dry summer time heat is very getting the best of me, but this year I have already had to update our air conditioner. The cost to update the home air conditioner was nearly $6,000, however of course I didn’t have $6,000 laying in the savings account, so I had to contact a financial institution in Albuquerque to get a loan for the new Heating and Air Conditioning system. The financial institution gave me an horrifyingly high interest rate, but I could not say no. I had to fix the air conditioner or spend the entire summer time without cool air. In our book, there was no choice when the air conditioner stopped laboring. I signed the paperwork with the loan business the day after I spoke with someone. The next day, I had someone from the Heating and Air Conditioning repair repair center at the home ready to install all of the new materials. The Albuquerque Heating and Air Conditioning provider spent all day installing the new heat pump and air conditioner. The only time they stopped was for lunch. The men didn’t even leave the property. They sat in our front yard on the lawn and ate lunch that they had packed earlier that day. I offered the men freezing drinks and they accepted, then when the Heating and Air Conditioning providers finally finished with the replaces, I was ready for a nap. I don’t know how those men spend all day outside laboring in the heat with long-sleeve shirts and pants. That is very not our plan of a fun job.

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