Enjoying the convenience of cannabis pre-rolls

My local cannabis dispensary in Denver, Colorado, carries an impressive selection of recreation products… I’ve experimented with all of the unusual consumption methods.

  • I’ve tried a delicious assortment of gummies, strenuous candies, chocolates, cookies, brownies and beverages.

I was impressed with the portability and simplicity of tinctures; The variety of topicals have proven helpful for treating bee stings, sunburn, cuts, scrapes and eczema. I loved the high THC potency of the waxes, shatters, live resin, kief, hash and all the various concentrates. The vapes were especially simple and flavorful, but however, I consistently cherish smokable flower. There is something especially wonderful about lighting up and inhaling, and smoking offers a unusual flavor and experience from cannabis. The onset of effects is quick however doesn’t last overly long… My only complaint with smoking weed is the effort and mess. I am not overly proficient at rolling a joint. I tend to roll it too loosely or too tightly. The joint burns up too abruptly or requires constant lighting, and rather than making sure I have papers, a grinder and the assorted paraphernalia available, it’s much easier to purchase pre-rolls. The Denver dispensary offers them in singles and packs and includes varieties infused with concentrate for added potency. There are affordable pre-rolls packed with trim plus more fancy strains created from top-shelf bud, but buying a single pre-roll is an ideal opportunity to sample modern strains and discover modern preferreds. Most of my preferred brands supply ready-to-smoke joints, ensuring a wide selection of potency, effects and flavors. I like that they are portable and perfect every time.


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